Meet Daphne

Daphne became a wedding planner after organising her own Big Greek Fat wedding when she was marrying her Greek husband on Skopelos.

Being born Dutch and working as a journalist for many years in the Netherlands and Greece, Daphne knows how to plan and organise big events. She loves working with couples from all over the world.
She can easy handle last minute things and create solutions for everything. 

Daphne adores Skopelos and has a knowledge of what couples are looking for. She is always looking for new venue options to make all the wedding dreams come alive.

Planning your special day with Daphne will be fun and easy. Many couples have become friends and return to Skopelos for their holidays or anniversaries.

Daphne’s experience and enthusiasm will guarantee that your ideas and vision will turn into the wedding of your dreams.

I know how to tackle the challenges of planning events in Greece. I’ve got the details handled, so you can focus on what’s most important. Let’s dream up your ideal experience, and I’ll help you get it. Let’s craft a wedding that’s uniquely you and creates memories for you – and your guests – that last a lifetime.

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My Style

Perfection is my priority for every wedding. I love a timeless, elegant and romantic style which is not overdone and too formal.
Skopelos is a gem in the Aegean Sea and it’s known as one of the greenest islands of Greece, with it’s crystal clear turquoise waters it gives a magical touch to your wedding.
I care about quality and pay particular attention to small details to make your wedding unique.

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